Why did my post fail to submit?


Last Update a year ago

Posts sometimes fail to submit due to various issues. Usually, the problem is in the post itself, like a missing flair. You can fix this by rescheduling the post and editing it to address the problem.

Occasionally Reddit can be inaccessible, and it's just a matter of waiting. In that case, we automatically retry submitting the post later according to the number of retries in your settings.

Failed posts show an error message and allow you to reschedule them. Errors are usually quite self-explanatory. Some that are harder to understand have an additional explanation here:

  • The same link can be posted only once. - Many subreddits limit how many times you can post the same link. You can bypass this by creating a new link each time you repost a picture on the same subreddit or using the Content Manager, which generates a unique link each time.
  • Only verified members can post. - The subreddit allows only approved users to post. Look for verification instructions in the subreddit's sidebar or links on top.
  • Image upload failed. - An issue occurred on Reddit's side during image upload. If the issue happens for many posts, we're likely having issues. You can upload your images to Imgur and schedule links to bypass this.
  • Couldn't access Reddit. - Reddit wasn't accessible either due to an issue on their or our end. You can see on Reddit's status page if they're having problems.
  • Couldn't retrieve post data. - We couldn't get the data of your post from the database.

We closely monitor posts for elevated errors or any other problems with their submission. If an issue arises, it's fixed promptly, so you're affected for the least possible amount of time.

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