Does your service get ratelimited?


Last Update vor 2 Jahren

Usually not, as we employ numerous methods to minimize such issues.

Your posts are submitted at least 1 minute apart, and seconds are randomized. Each request to Reddit is sent from a different IP address. Autoresponder messages are sent at random times throughout the day.

If a post or comment gets ratelimited, it's automatically rescheduled when Reddit says it's okay to try again. It's retried 3 times before being marked as failed.

When one post gets ratelimited, we also reschedule your other posts and comments to when you can post again. Thus, we avoid making unnecessary requests to Reddit, which may prolong your ratelimit.

If you're having issues with ratelimits, try posting less frequently until your account ages and gains more karma. Make sure you only post in relevant subreddits so your posts aren't getting removed by the moderators.

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