How to connect multiple Reddit accounts?


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By connecting multiple accounts, you can share one subscription among them. It's affordable and lets you switch between the accounts with a single click — no need to sign in and out constantly.

To connect multiple accounts, first, click on your username in the navigation and then Connect Account.

You are taken to the Connected Accounts section of the settings.

Now, right-click on the Connect Reddit account button and copy the link. Open it in another browser or an incognito window where you aren't signed into your current account.

Using that link, sign in with the account you want to connect. After signing in, the accounts are connected, and you can close the current tab. Refresh the previous tab for the changes to take effect.

Note that an account can only be connected to one account at a time. To connect an already connected account, you first have to disconnect it.

If you're connecting multiple accounts, always use the link from the account with the subscription for doing so.

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